Quartet / Partita

Quartet Drawings 

These drawings confirm my obsessions with line and edge.  I have a fascination with what happens at the edge of a drawing, a need to make it as important as what is happening within the interior.  The wax raises the marks off the surface in a way that is subtly sculptural, or maybe architectural.

Still related to music however,  these are amongst the works that have their genesis in the plucked string drawings using ink, (see John Cage) which were made whilst listening to the music of John Cage.  The rhythm and sound of the strings snapping against the paper was a significant element of the process. In formal terms, rhythm and the balance of line and space concerns me so they inevitably reference the golden section and frequently subvert it. The influence of John Cage in no way suggests a relinquishing control over the final image.  These drawings are orchestrated, slowly developed, with the measured tones of Bach as much contained within them as the randomness of Cage.

Partita Drawings  2013

Charcoal, graphite, chalk and wax on Arches HP 300 gm.  76 x 56 cm

The Partita Drawings made in 2013 continue to explore the influence of music and were made whilst listening to Brahms Cello Sonatas No. 1 in E minor, No. 2  in F major and Brahms Piano Trios No. in B major and No. 3 in C minor.
Although often associated with Bach the word partita according to the OED is defined as “1 a suite 2 an air with variations.