Snatched moments le chateau d’Oiron




Château d’Oiron in Deux Sevres is an extraordinary mixture of cabinets of curiosities both 18th century and contemporary artists interpretations of them, sound, music, hybrid animals, terrifying monsters suspected of eating small children, endless historical references, revolution, peasant uprisings, exquisite painted ceilings and walls, grotesqueries balanced with beauty.  For twenty years and more I have visited this house as it has gradually been restored and resurrected into a living historical monument which celebrates and  absorbs contemporary artworks, literally into the fabric of its walls.  For some reason now I felt the need to react visually and these little drawings in a book trace not only what I saw and experienced this year but contain the experiences and memories of all the years that have gone before.


Edifié à partir du XVIe siècle par la famille seigneuriale des Gouffiers, le château d’Oiron abrite la collection comtemporaine Curios & Mirabilia, librement conçue sur le theme du cabinet de couriosité en reference à la fabuleuse collection de Claude Gouffier, grande écuyer d’Henri II.