Trees and land


Feather and Slate

Feather and Slate Charcoal on paper 120 x 150 cm.  1988

Feathered Landscape

Feathered Landscape Charcoal on paper 120 x 150 cm. 1988

116_1637 b copy

116_1637 b copy

116_1637 a copyWritten on the land Charcoal graphite oil and gesso on paper. (detail)                                           Installation of 15 drawings approx. 80 x 300 cm. 1995.

Drawings CD 2006 002

Whispers Graphite on paper, 56 x 76 cm. 1997.

Part of a commissioned project investigating the Environmental impact of the building of the Newbury bypass. This drawing refers to the whispering reed beds at Bagnor near the site of the building and was shortlisted for the Cheltenham (later the Jerwood) Drawing Prize in 1998.



Il y a une fois… Once upon a time… Graphite on paper 204 x 154 cm 2005.  A lament for the destroyed hedgerows in the french countryside, this drawing was made for  Environmental, an exhibition at The Stroud House Gallery in 2005.


(detail) Il y a une fois… Once upon a time… 

Copy of Tree painting 2


Copy of Tree painting 3Tree studies Graphite, charcoal, acrylic, and gesso on paper 30 x 30 cm. 2006


Waiting Series 1

Waiting Graphite on paper 30 x 30 cm 2006

Interwoven threads of fabric, in this case interwoven threads of drawn lines. From a series of mediations on the nature of waiting: for people, things to happen, for news good or bad, referencing  time  spent, time wasted, and the time consuming processes of drawing and making fabric.